How we work for you?

Either you have physical design drawing or only an simple idea in your mind, we can begin with Both.

To ensure a productive start, a well detailed sketch will be fantasty. Or, we can do it for you, all we need to know is your brand, your products and budget.

Our experienced designer and product manager will turn your idea into a workable, creative and cost-effectiveness design.

The personalized design created base on your budget and your need.

Our goal is to form a product that satisfied by both You and us.

Physical product sample will be made from our experienced and professional craftsman.

We will keep test and revise the sample until the packaging/display fit all you needs.

The production will be handled by our self-owned factory in China, which supported you a promise of quality and punctuality.

It will be excited by you to see your new packaging/display.

Quality is always the First we consider, all defective products will rework or be destoried.

We secure all the products are the same quality as the sample we send to you.

Either you have shipping agent or not, we provide felixable ways to deliver the goods to you.

The well-packaging products will be in your hand with no harmed.

Our Clients

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